The Gathering

The Gathering is an exhibition displaying stories behind the gathering of 2 or more. Fall is the season where people draw closer as temperatures change. The warmth and familiarity of a person or passion fosters reflections on what makes us who we are and where we came from.


Featured artists in this exhibition are invited to present photography that connects with their stories. The Gathering becomes an expression of their lineage and the lineage of those who may relate.


The Gathering exhibition will display pieces using a minimalist approach. This allows each photograph the space to have an intimate moment with the viewer. All photographs will be framed in black frames of high quality materials to help elevate the essence of each piece.



Brit Sadé

Dwain Vaughns II

Javarius Sawyer

Jeff Quarterman

Johanna Alarcon

Keon McKay

Nyeusi Mwezi

Piera Moore

Rebekah Gaillard

Ryen Trenaé

Roy Handy

Sarah Htun
Taylor Hunter





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