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hutton snellings 

Hutton knew from a young age that art was what she was meant to do. She started painting in high school and would seek art in any setting to study both the style and the effect it had on her. While she dabbled in other fields including marketing & event planning during her days at the University of Mississippi, she realized her heart was in the world of art.


Hutton has stayed true to her original style--a peaceful interplay between of color and movement--born all those years ago, but continues to evolve and has developed a confidence in her work not often seen in a such young artist. Decorators were among her first clients, describing her paintings tranquil and the perfect way to complete a room.


Her years post-college have been spent learning the process of completing commissions for discerning clients--a time she is happy to tell you she developed both her ear for how clients want their homes to look and her eye for painting.