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Carrie Penley

Born in a small town in Georgia, contemporary artist Carrie Penley is an American artist utilizing different forms of media to create unique works of art through neutral color, expressive brush stroke, contrast and often collage material most often of wildlife.

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Julia Walsh

Julia Walsh is influenced by many backgrounds. From some young years in Asheville, North Carolina to many in  Denver and the Rocky Mountain West. The colors and shapes of natural landscapes are seared in her mind. She attended William Woods University in Missouri and University of Colorado in Denver.  A years stay, recently, in Fairhope, Alabama, she absorbed the ocean, the bay and the colors of the Deep South. Now living in Cropwell, Alabama, nature's colors continue to have greatest impact on her painting.


Colleen Leach

Colleen  creates serene paintings composed of stripes on hand built wood panels. Her commitment to this spare style was informed by her belief in its ability to conjure profound, positive experiences in the viewer. 


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Katherine Webb

Katherine is a Mom, Model, and Artist married to McCarron - Alabama QB. Katherine is known for being Miss AL USA 2012 and her beautiful abstract artowrk. Look out you may see this Mom rocking the swim suits. 

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Emma Bell

British artist Emma Bell graduated with a degree in Business and Marketing and lived and worked in Manchester, England as a Marketing professional for over ten years. Emma has dabbled in painting for as long as she can remember but it wasn't until a move from the UK to Atlanta GA in 2009 that she took up her brushed and palette knife more permanently. Emma, wife and mother of two young boys, finds inspiration for her paintings all around her. She loves to paint beautiful things that make her feel happy. While florals are a primary theme for Emma, she also ventures into abstracts and landscapes.

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Kristen Abbott

Kristen is an intuitive, mixed media painter who draws from a wide range of artistic influences, spanning from painterly to abstract expressionist. Dynamic compositions and expressive brush strokes characterize her large-scale pieces. Her work is informed by a personal exploration of texture and the juxtaposition of contemporary style with vintage materials.

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Jennifer Lail

Jennifer Lail is a painter based in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Jennifer found herself experimenting with color and forms to express emotions very early on. In her oil abstracts on canvas, people and human interaction continue to create the largest sparks of inspiration.

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Patrick Deangelis

Patrick DeAngelis is an Atlanta based artist who earned a Masters of Fine Arts with a concentration: in painting from the New York Academy of Art and a Bachelor of Arts from Kent State University. 


Angie Barker

"I've been honing and seeking my voice as an artist since I was a little girl wanting to paint in each and every class at school. Art is in my blood. It flows in me and inspires my every waking moment to appreciate the beauty that surrounds me."

Clay Stapleford

Clay grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina. He holds a degree in journalism from the university of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He currently resides as a full-time professional artist in Atlanta, Ga... his studio overlooks the Atlanta Beltline in the historic Inman Park neighborhood.  His work is primarily acrylic on canvas.  You may also recognize clay as an actor in multiple hollywood productions on both the small and big screens. 

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Mary Kelly Clary

Growing up in Atlanta, Georgia an avid photographer, Mary Kelly Stribling Clary's respect for color and composition grew during her time at The Lovett School, where she began to hone in on her love of the arts. Her exploration continued as she went on to pursue higher education at the College of Charleston. Surrounded by the breathtaking landscapes of the South Carolina lowcountry, she studied Arts Management and Studio Art, fine-tuning her vision for a nature-inspired jewelry line.


Richard Webb

“My love of cars soon became a habit. Over the years I have raced them, collected them, and now I paint them. I'm often reminded (by my wife, mostly) that painting cars is a whole lot cheaper than either racing or collecting them!  So it was a natural fit to paint automobiles once the art bug hit. Classically trained as an "old school grid artist", painting the details with precision allows me to capture the nuances and artful design of all cars, old and new, while my love of contemporary art provides me the ability and desire to create more painterly backgrounds such as landscapes, architectural icons, cloud filled skies, and abstracts.”

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Kristle Parchman

“My little studio is behind my house and I paint full time. I think it’s the best job in the world. Who inspires me? I love Helen Frankenthaler’s pours of color and confidence and Rene Magritte’s imagination, Hopper’s sense of depth, Slim Aarons’ iconic photographs and Picasso’s form and composition. "

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Anderson Smith

When you're unique and not afraid to show it, people will come to you for what you do uniquely. I feel all creative people are unique in their own quirky way. We just look at things differently. Me-- I love art, as I see art in everything. 

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Leslie Busker

Leslie Poteet Busker is a Charlotte-based abstract artist and former commercial interior designer. She creates both large- and small-scale works for individuals and corporations. Her work is about seeing joy and beauty in the simple and unexpected.

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Kellie Lawler 

"When I started creating again, I had to choose mediums that fit into my life with four young children. I needed convenience, to be able to pick it up and put it down, set it up and clean it up quickly. I started with graphite and charcoal realism drawings and then ventured into monochromatic paintings on paper. My main body of work is continuous line drawings, something I’ve been doing since my youth. It is natural and organic for me to put my tool to paper and not lift it until the subject is complete."

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Christine Sommerville

Mixing abstract influences with her textile design sensibility, Christine explores the relationships of color, movement and depth. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, she graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a BFA in textile/surface design. Christine began building her creative career in New York, until life, and love brought her to England, and more recently, Atlanta. While embracing her journey as an artist, Christine also finds fulfillment in her role as mother to her two young children.

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Corinne Mitchell

Atlanta artist and Mom - Her abstract paintings stand out with their vibrant colors. Not only does she paint abstract work, you may find a portrait of a dog or two! Corinne is a lover of Jesus and uses her talents to bring glory to the King. We look forward to seeing her next project! 


Marcie Coltman

“I am an abstract artist, consumed with wanderlust, a passion for art, and an insatiable desire to merge the two. I pursue travel as a means of inspiration, building upon my personal stories of faith, tragedy, transition, and introspect... “

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Katherine McClure

“A wife, mother and lifelong artist, I paint because it’s what gets me out of bed in the morning. I wake up, form an idea, and go. Second only to my family, animals bring me the most joy; therefore, they tend to be the subject of most of my art. I am inspired by the menagerie of rescues I have at home and surround myself with images of many more. You will find our family dogs, ducks, chickens, rabbits and surrounding wildlife in my paintings as well as images of animals I find online and in books.”


Doug Stratton

Douglas Stratton was born in Ocean City, New Jersey in 1982. He has studied at the College of Charleston in South Carolina as well as the Art Institute of Atlanta. His work has been included in numerous group exhibitions throughout the United States and abroad, including various auctions and galas. Stratton currently lives and works in Atlanta.