Travis Love

Travis Love

Travis Love is an American-born artist, based in Atlanta, GA. He began as an artist at a very young age by creating a wide range of unique character sketches and other observed objects. He has always been an artistic individual, using his art to create awareness and develop a strong brand identity. He is most recognized for his bold color and composition through his unique interweaving design, which represents togetherness and unity through abstract shapes to create a visual harmony. He released his unique interweaving design in 2016, along with “Brody The Brainiac,” a unique character which he adopted from his earlier works. 



Travis Love is a self-taught fine artist and illustrator gaining most of his knowledge and influence from the skateboarding and graffiti subcultures, which he grew up around. After graduating from the Art Institute of Atlanta in 2011, with a B.F.A. in Brand Development and Graphic Arts, he has continued expanding his range of technique and creative approach over the years. His works have been featured in Hypebeast, the AJC, Source magazine, and many more publications. You can see his work on the streets of New York or the walls of Los Angeles, and worldwide. His broad range of creative skill has led to collaborations with some of the world’s leading art directors and influencers.

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