Robin McMahan & Dru Molen

Robin McMahan & Dru Molen

Hi, I’m Robin McMahan. I’m thrilled that you’re here! I’m living proof that life isn’t over just because you’re older and wiser - age is just a number! I’ve been painting and working on commissions for almost half a century… holy cow, I’m old. I began painting at age 5 in the Boston suburbs. My mother was an artist so I was given a paintbrush and told to have fun. I loved to get lost in color and textures. I continued to paint and studied at the Art Institute of Boston. Life and children caused a hiatus, but now I am able to return to my passion. My kids say this is “Robin’s Renaissance” even though I’ve been painting for years — But, now I have an Instagram page, so I guess that makes me legit.



For me, art is an expression of the soul and a distraction from the Real Housewives of Atlanta. I know my pieces will transport you to another world, especially if you’ve had a bottle of wine, or two. I truly believe that art is a healing medium for everyone & we can all find some common ground around a piece of art. I’m in awe of everything around us, and I know God’s hand is in everything.


Enjoy and don’t forget to call ya motha!

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